Customized Lid Designs

Add a personal touch to your gourmet popcorn tins for everyone on your list, in any size and design. Surprise guests with a special message, delight loved ones with an unforgettable image or make it memorable for clients with your company logo. Create your custom sticker for any occasion or let us design one for you!


Personalized Popcorn Bags

Make our gourmet popcorn bags yours with custom labels of your own design. Keep it short and sweet with a small message or company logo. Choose from your choice of stickers and bags. Perfect for a variety of events, big and small.


Custom Designer Tins

Turn our Garrett tins into your work of art. Choose your size, from our Classic 1 gallon to our Celebration 6.5 gallon, to showcase your brand. Allow us to help and guide you or your team along in creating your fully branded tins from top to bottom. Give your guests and clients a completely personalized gourmet popcorn experience!

Please call 866-6-POPCORN to place your order.